Wednesday 18th July 2018,
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Mirage + Lynel Vanish by Alex Geiser

With just a slow wave, one coin visually vanishes. Your hands never touch.

It happens slowly, just like real magic. There are no gimmicks, magnets, or wires. No setup. Just one coin.

Mirage isn’t just a coin vanish. You can vanish virtually any small object with just the wave of your hand. If you wanted a vanish to look like real magic, this is it. Learn multiple, practical methods of restoring the object back to reality.

It’s not just a coin vanish – Alex shares principals of his philosophy that can be used to enhance ANY kind of magic. Slow. Delicate. Natural.

Mirage has been one of Alex’s signature coin vanishes that he’s kept to himself for many years. He’s now ready to let you in on the secret, and guide you through each step of the learning process.

Learn several appearances to make the coin re-emerge after the vanish. As a BONUS, learn the Lynel Vanish – a coin vanish from the tip of your finger.

Featuring detailed, intricate explanation over 61 minutes of instruction by Alex Geiser. Now available as a DVD or Instant Download. Learn it now!


Only file – 224.9 MB
BONUS – 40.1 MB

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